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Viral Marketing Definition – Easily Explained, Hard To Master

Viral Marketing Definition – Easily Explained, Hard To Master

Admit it, the “viral” in marketing is scary, and somewhat offensive. Even till today, you call yourself a viral marketer and people flinch. The truth is, viral marketing is one of the oldest form of marketing, and was introduced online only in the recent years. The term is easy to define, but its concept not as easy to master.

Its definition stemmed from its two root words – “viral” and “marketing”. “Viral” is an adaptation of the word “virus”. No matter what the dictionary’s definition of virus, we know that the word is usually exemplified with the terms “infectious” and “replicates”. “Marketing” is a management process through which information and services are translated from concept to customer, thereby exchanging a service or product for an agreed sum of money.

When we put the two together, the term simply means to convey an information, service or product from concept to customer through the exponential spread of the word. Its synonym – Word-of-Mouth.

The copious success of viral marketing both online and offline is evident of its lucrative nature. Mastering its concept is difficult but not impossible and there are a wide myriad of offline and online campaigns to do so. Honestly, you might not even be aware that you’re already doing it!

Article Marketing is one of the most efficient viral marketing methods. You post an article on an article directory, 3 publishers like it, they take your article and paste it on their sites. Their audience like it, take the article and paste it on their sites, attributing you as the author because its mandatory. This creates a viral effect and all the work required from you is to churn out one good article!

Just like there is no free lunch in the world, the quality of your article is crucial to the success of your article marketing campaign. Mastering the skills of copywriting is not easy and takes lots of practice and testing. There are many free ebooks available for free download on the net, offering pretty standard advice on article writing. In my humble opinion, writing a good copy has to not only make relevant sense to your article title but it also has to engage your audience. And my advice? Start off by writing a few articles. You are bound to suck at the beginning but keep writing and testing. You’re bound to find a copywriting style that suits your writing capabilities.

There are more ways to conduct a viral marketing campaign, for example through emails and ebooks. These methods are widely put into practice in today’s internet marketing world but unfortunately, not all viral marketing efforts are optimised to their full potential and the ones who know how to won’t tell! Like I’ve said before, this virus can be a tough nut to crack.