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Integration Marketing – The Secret of Bill Gates’ Success by Mark Joyner  – A Review

Integration Marketing – The Secret of Bill Gates’ Success by Mark Joyner – A Review

When I received an email inviting me to go see Mark Joyner’s quick video on his yet to be published book- Integration Marketing, I was skeptical. Integration Marketing sounded like another Internet Marketing buzz word and I was not just ready for another useless buzz word.

If you have been on the Internet for any length of time, you would agree with me that what the Internet Marketing community needs now is not another one of those things. However, because of the name behind the book, I decided to check it out. It was free and so I figured I would not have much to loose if I did not like it.

But knowing some of the things Mark Joyner had done in the past, I was quickly on my way to the download page, after submitting my name and email address. At first, I was just going to glance through it on my screen, but soon as I read that first page, I was promptly drawn into the conversation. I quickly printed that entire 49 pages and settled down to devour it, and here is what I found.

Getting the definitions straight and being able to see the battlefield, I believe would the most difficult part of Integration Marketing. But with practice and dedication these can easily be mastered.

Prior to reading his book, I had never heard about Integration Marketing, but after my second reading, I could hit the ground running with the concept. But Integration Marketing is not just a concept, it is a workable, practical thing, as concrete as cement. Once you begin to grasp it, you can see it in operation every corner you turn. It is a manual that shows you what to do and how to do it step by simple step.

The Integration Marketing book is a quick and easy read. The style of writing is both conversational and instructional. Mr. Joyner used stories and other anecdotes and graphics to bring the core concepts home. To really understand the book, there is the need to understand the definitions of the different component of Integration Marketing. Some of the key vocabulary terms used in the book are-

Integration Marketing,
Integration Points
Unit of Marketing Value
Integration Marketing Deals
Integration Partners

Other vocabularies include: Integrator

Transaction Stream
Traffic Stream
Integration Marketing Score

He defined Integration Marketing as “the integration of Unit of Marketing Value, example an offer or brand name, into an existing Integration Point, example, inside a Transaction Stream, such as when a cashier makes a suggestion for an up or cross sell.

Integration Marketing also brings a new definition to the word Strategy. Mr. Joyner defines Strategy as “A long term plan for achieving an aim that allows you to see the battlefield, and make consistently correct decisions quickly, no matter what may arise”

Mark maintains that the ability to see the Battlefield, enables you to formulate a good and fluid strategy and the way to do just that is by mastery of Integration Marketing.

Who Needs To Read The Book?

Integration Marketing is for anyone who seeks to bring in new cash flow or leads, or even brand awareness without having to develop new products all the time.

Benefits of Integration Marketing

The major benefit of Integration Marketing according to Mr. Joyner is that Integration Marketing Deals can be struck quickly and easily and with little resource outlay and huge potential for profit for a long time. Also with the help of the Integration Marketing Scoring, you can test your deals for profitability before embarking on them, Mark says.

Overall, Integration Marketing holds a lot of hope and promises for the regular folks, just as it does for Bill Gates’ Microsoft or Ray Kroc’s McDonald. It also holds an important key to bridging the cultural and economic gap between nations, Mark suggests. As more and more ordinary people begin to structure Integration Marketing Deals across national boundaries, they are going to begin to look out for their mutual good, thereby reducing the propensity for tension between nations.

As always, Mark Joyner has delivered a brilliant message about a concept and practice that some savvy business empire builders have used, to build multi billion dollar empires without bothering to put a name to it. Mark Joyner points out that Integration Marketing in not his brain child. Bits and pieces of it had been used by many to amass wealth. What Mr. Joyner did was to put flesh and body to this ephemeral concept, making it possible and easier for the regular people like me to wrap my head around it.