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Who Is Ragnar Storyteller, The Runemaster Who Has Combined Runes With Quantum Physics?

Who Is Ragnar Storyteller, The Runemaster Who Has Combined Runes With Quantum Physics?

Just before you embark on applying the Runes for Rune Meditation, Rune Yoga, Rune Analyze, Rune Magick, or Bindrune Creating, make positive that you know a little something about the human being you are taking the guidelines from.

Why? Runes are Universal Innovative Energies and as a result extremely, really strong. They had been in no way intended for divination or producing. They have been intended to Generate.

Just about every individual Rune is a key to a very potent vitality.

Really don’t play about with them!

Ragnar Storyteller is my gained viking identify since of all that I have written about Odin and the Vikings.

Ellis Peterson is my other identify. I am a Swede. My ancestors are from Upsala. My father and grandfather are equally viking berserker’s. They would battle at the fall of a hat all the whilst biting on their tongues. My grandfather dropped an arm when he fell off a 3 story roof although tarring it. That did not cease him. He would nonetheless go to the bar and when he was drunk select a combat, even with one particular arm. I have their blood working by way of my veins.

At 70+ I struggle with my brain and the runes.

They are both of those in Valhalla now. My grandfather was gassed in France in WWI. My father’s ship was torpedoed at the Struggle of Halfway in WWII. I followed in their footsteps and am a Koreran War vet.

But I see now that we can’t shield our Northern European Heritage by fighting. These are not the occasions for that. So I am now choosing the Sword of the Intellect to struggle on for my kindred.

Staying a greybeard I see things now a great deal clearer that I did when younger. I see that man’s function on earth is to evolve. To come to be godlike, so said Nietsche and other people.

To start with of all, I am 70+, a retired math professor and electrical engineer. I am a radionics and orgone technology scientist and have manufactured my own gadgets.

I am a Viking Skald and Runemaster. I have been researching the runes for 25 many years. I belonged to several effectively regarded Asatru Groups in Arizona. I ran an Asatru Jail Ministry the place I communicated and despatched no cost literature to above 700 viking inmates in jails and prisons.

I wrote quite a few publications on Odin and Vikings. I have written about 200 content articles and essasys (quite a few are on my internet sites.)

I operate two successful sites.


What is it I produce? I am the initial Viking to try out and convey the Runes and the gods/goddesses of our ancestors out of the darkish ages of Viking raids and into the mild of the 21st century. I use the language and science of Radionics and Quantum Physics to do my rituals and blots. The god’s of Arizona you should not like this.

I generate for the individual Viking who wants to perform from household and not be part of one particular of their companies. They do not like this. I say that I have not met a Viking Godi with any electricity. They do not like this. I say we can no extended go into the woods and do blots and rituals out of outdated ritual guides and request the gods/goddesses to appear down and enable us. They do not like this.

Why are they and us at instances, so childish to assume that we have attained the ideal for the manifestation of a god or goddess into our life? They never like this.Shut minds in any faith are harmful.

Beside what would we do with the big crimson bearded Thor if he had been to manifest himself into our lives. He would be out of position just like axe or sword would be out of spot on a modern field of fight.

Although we are unable to manifest the God Thor into our lives, we can use the science of Quantum Physics to entice the RUNIC POWERS OF THOR out of the Quantum Ocean and into our lives.

Gods do not do things for us. Thor will not guard us. But by attracting Thor’s energy out of the Quantum Ocean and into our life we can protect ourslves. Same with all the energies of all the gods and goddesses.

I have been to a lot of Asatru blots in the woods. I have never fulfilled a Godi who had any electrical power to manifest a god/goddess of the North into our circle. Why? Since they do not have the runes within of them. No electric power!

The runes are the key to the gods/goddesses. Each individual Rune is a vital to a impressive electricity and is linked with a god/goddess. So when you understand how to get the runic energies within of you. you will not come to be Thor, but you will be Thor-like. You will have his energies and ability.

I have hardly ever witnessed a further web page on the web that talks about bringing the runes and gods/goddesses into the 21st century.

I informed the Godi’s and self appointed leaders of the different Asatru teams what I considered and they marked me outlaw.

So be it!

I instructed you that I hardly ever met a Godi (viking shaman) with electricity. But I have fulfilled Indigenous American shamans with electrical power. I expended a full summer season with a Cherokee Medicine Gentleman, Willie Whitfeather, in the Arizona desert. He had electrical power and I observed numerous of his manifestations.

He advised me that serious magic will have to be carried out by itself and with proper preparation. Sweat lodges, vision quests and having the spirit of what you desired to do within of you very first.

He took me to 4 Corners, Arizona and launched me to the Grandfather, the 112 yr aged Hopi Shaman.

Speak about ability. I was authorized to enter the sacred caves wherever the 3000 12 months old pictographs on the partitions fortold of the arrival of Columbus and his 3 ships.

Why me? Willie explained he could see my spirit and it was clever, highly effective and true. He named me Curious Bear simply because of the continuous stream of issues I asked him and the Grandfather. I wished to KNOW!

Mainly because of my intrusion, I was chased down the Arizona Freeway by Apache Warrior spirits. You can go through about it on just one of my internet pages mentioned down below.

Willie mentioned that the total massacre at Wounded Knee was all about power. The Indigenous People ended up about to manifest the spirits of their excellent useless warriors to assist them in their struggle. The govt knew all about their magick and electrical power rituals so they slaughtered them all.

We have ability and the ability lies in our RUNES, not in out-of-date rituals.

I invested the very last 5 decades accomplishing rune meditations, rune yoga, rune magick, rune rituals and many others so that I could get the runic energies out of the quantum ocean ,where ALL energy exists, and into my aura. Now I have them close to with me and use them when I will need them.

I have composed about these new strategies in the 110 webpages on this web page. They are different. They use the Rules of Quantum Physics, radionics and the insider secrets of Mental Mind MAGICK, which is hundreds of years old. All shamans, magicians, voodoo priests and so on know about them.

There have constantly been enlightened gentlemen and gals. They all say 1 thing in frequent utilizing various words and phrases. There is a fantastic medium of thoughts and intelligence that understands and does every little thing. This thinking intelligence will build whatsoever the thoughts of person thinks into it. This infinite thinking stuff is what is now referred to as the Quantum Ocean.

The Runes are in this Quantum Ocean. Thus the Runes and the Laws of Quantum Physics supply us the finest obstacle and the best hope for our youngsters and grand youngsters by peace. adore, cooperation and creative imagination.

Not with the 1000 calendar year outdated axe and sword, despise, war and prejudice.

We uncovered the Runes, Quantum Physcis and Radionics. Let us use them. Permit US OUT Imagine THEM. Our Northern European minds are our greates weapon.

I know that this website and the facts on it is not for every person. But I say this: if we do not update our magic and rituals so that they are in tune with the 21st century, then Asatru will go the way of all the other religions who will not modify. It will die as they are dying. You can see it all all-around you.


“THE ONLY Point Continual IN THE Complete UNIVERSE IS Change”

Even Willie Whitefeather is encouraging his people integrate transform. What do you consider the Casinos are?

We found out the sciences of Quantum Physics and Radionics. They are now our weapons of defense.

I hope you love what I compose and have the persistence to exercise with the runes. If you do then you can transform your existence for the much better and bolster the ancestral soul of our peoples.

Permit us use the Runes and our Minds and satisfy our future of getting to be much more Godlike
Thank you

Ragnar Storyteller