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What Are the Best Websites for Audio File Uploading and Sharing?

What Are the Best Websites for Audio File Uploading and Sharing?

The music industry has undergone affluent changes over a decade and has always come up with new creative innovations every time. This is because everyday industry witness new talent sprints bounded with new melody and composition. And, there are various platforms backing them and giving a new taste to the world. As a result, healthy competition has emerged amongst the music creators and music distributors.

Audio sharing is sharing your own audios and voices to the social media websites and on some music websites. You can share your files with plenty of the music websites.

Soundify: is a packaged audio streaming, audio uploading and audio sharing software that empowers you to begin with your own particular online audio tuning in, uploading and circulation site. The content can without much of a stretch be utilized for different business verticals, for example, music streaming, online music portal and so on.

Soundcloud: is another audio sharing site. Soundcloud is a music spilling and web-based social networking website. Soundcloud is an online sound distribution stage. Recording and uploading sounds to SoundCloud lets people easily share them privately with their friends or publicly to blogs, sites and social networks. One can record a voice, moment or music in seconds or upload audio which has already been created and share it with a network of people.You can listen to your most loved tracks on this site and can share your documents on this site by signing in on this site. The sign in is free of cost on this site.

Spotify: is another best audio sharing site. Spotify has a collection of songs from old songs to latest ones. Spotify is a music, podcast and video gushing site. Spotify has isolate groups for artists, engineers and bands. The specialists can share their sound documents on this site by signing in with their account on that.

What is Soundify?

Soundify is a brand new audio sharing, streaming and circulation software developed by with the current trends of Music and Entertainment Industry that lets you start your own multi-purpose online music portal website similar to SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Pandora, etc.

You can check here best features about soundify and also you can check demo for that.

Why should you use Soundify for your online music portal similar to SoundCloud?
Soundify is a peculiar online music platform that entitles various features that can be used by any musician, artist, band, sound engineer, DJ or any other music company to start their own niche audio sharing, streaming, and distribution website. Soundify is enthralled with features such as stream music tracks, like, share and comment on music tracks, share the tracks with other people in the group, etc. It allows users to create their own profile over Soundify platform and create their own groups of friends and music lovers. At the same time, user can also be a part of other groups. Users can view other user’s profile, see their activities, followers and performance. They can also make communication with the Private Messaging System of Soundify. Soundify offers an add-on feature of allowing users to download the tracks that they like.

Soundify has been built with strong admin module that lets admin handle and manage various modules like CMS, slideshow, music tracks and categories, manage users and groups. The Admin can also send Newsletters to the registered users of the website. All these can easily be tracked under the admin module with user-friendly GUI.

Moreover, Soundify has been developed in PHP open source that enables you to reframe the platform as per your targeted audience and business requirements.