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Two Secrets of Long Tail Keywords You Must Know As an SEO Service Provider

Two Secrets of Long Tail Keywords You Must Know As an SEO Service Provider

In this short article, our discussion is about the content strategy of a website. I would like to highlight two factors showing the importance of long tail keywords. When people are searching online for something, they type certain keywords into the search box. Any phrase which has three or more keywords is a long tail keyword. The long tail keywords have fewer searches than a single keyword or a phrase comprising of two keywords. Why we should bother about something which has lesser traffic potential for our website? There are two main reasons for this. First, the traffic coming from these long tail keywords is more likely to convert than the other traffic simply because people are searching for something more specific. The second and most important reason which many SEO specialists overlook is the fact that these long tail keywords reveal some very critical pain points of our potential customers. This way we can get to know what people want and then act accordingly to solve their problem which is fundamental for any business to stay alive.

1. High Conversion of long tail Keywords:

Many people make this mistake of focusing only on getting more traffic to their website. If you are one of those, then stop and think why you want to get more traffic. Do you want to run just a few ads on your website and work for Google for few cents a month? Or do you want to sell some product or service and make some decent money? If you are selling a product or service, then you do not need traffic but conversions. Of course, the conversion will come from the traffic, but your attention should be on conversions. Even 1% converting traffic is fine because it will bring some revenue! Now if a person is searching for something and types a very focused long phrase, and then lands on your web page, it is more likely that he/she might purchase your product or service which you are offering. Therefore, you should try to find out those phrases which your potential customers are typing into the search boxes and make your content strategy around those keywords.

2. Long tail Keywords reveal Pain Points of Your Potential Customers:

Now in this paragraph, I am going a little outside the topic first to make the discussion clearer. If you want to sell some product or service then you must again know two basic things:

1. What are the issues of the customers in any market or niche your product would solve

2. How will you solve them?

If your product can address these two things, you are now ready to go and find some customers.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, when your customers search for their problems, they type something in detail using long phrases, and you have to find what are they typing right there. It would reveal their problems, and then you can tailor your SEO strategies or advertisement campaigns around the solutions to those issues.

Other Important Characteristics of long tail Keywords:

1. Long tail keywords are relatively easy to rank.

2. You still can use long tail keywords to find out some long tail domain names focusing some major pain points. For this, you need to do a bit of more research on traffic volume of that particular keyword before committing, but in my opinion, Google still gives some preference to exact match domains!

3. By looking at the long tail keywords, you can get an angle from where you should promote your product or service. It is a huge benefit when it comes to Return On Investment. Being able to know what your prospects are searching for can be extremely useful.

4. Long tail keywords can help you get more engagement from your customers in every stage of your business cycle. Engagement is key to a long term relationship and customer return to which you can sell or upsell.