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Tegile: Economical Way To Accelerate Enterprise Applications!

Tegile: Economical Way To Accelerate Enterprise Applications!

Gone are the days when companies used traditional flash to handle workload. There are several drawbacks of this conventional storage – you can use one flash for a specific type of workload; you can get the fast performance by spending several bucks, and several others. Tegile is the company of a new breed of innovators which brought its products to reduce the dependency of enterprises on heavy and expensive systems. Its products (hybrid and all flash) are enough to handle any type of workload.

From small-scale industries to well-established organizations are using its system. The company introduced its eccentric products keeping the users’ demand in mind for both All-Flash and Hybrid. All of its solutions are based on two types of architecture. Intelligent Flash Arrays for Hybrid & All-Flash, and IntelliStack Converged Infrastructure solutions.

The IntelliStack is developed by integrating the computing power of Cisco UCS and storage feature of Tegile. And thus, you can provide the configurations which are certified, pre-validates and pre-sized. If you are looking for a system, which can work best for your latency-sensitive, business-critical applications, then you should opt for the all-flash array. These arrays deliver the high performance result at economical cost, cutting the operational cost. This is best for online transaction processing, data warehousing, decision support, and real-time analytics. It has four models- T3500, T3600, T3700, and T3800.

If you are looking for the system which can leverage the hard disk density and the flash performance, then this system has the features which keep the capability of accelerating business applications. They are available in 8 different models, named T3100, T3200, T3300, T3530, T3630, T3730, T3750, and T3850.

All the models are based on the IntelliFlash architecture, which is designed to leverage various types of storage media, which are managed by this flexible operating environment to deliver the best performance at an economical cost. High-density flash, high-performance flash, and hard disk can be managed intelligently, because this system has multi-protocol support, advanced data services, and several other features. It has several advanced features which let you contract the storage footprint, consolidate workload, and maximize the uptime.

Another best thing about this system is its support and analytic part. IntelliCare will definitely grab your attention and will compel you to make this new array your solution for enterprise needs. This is the support platform which is backed by the company’s own support team, but is driven by Cloud Analytics.

Overall, this new breed of innovators has captured the whole IT market in a very short time span with its incredible products, which are known for its extravagant high performance and economical cost. Consolidation and virtualization are now no more a big dad’s thing. Small-sized industries are also enjoying the uninterrupted service of Tegile. You can also expect the high-level of integrity through these arrays, because it has enterprise MLC SSD, which makes its products best in terms of quality and security.