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Technology Advancements Up to the 21st Century

Technology Advancements Up to the 21st Century

There are many technology advancements that exist that are becoming more and more in demand as companies expand their workforce. Technology has advanced in many eras dating as far back as prehistoric and ancient times to today, the 21st century. Technology is not just for advancements in industry, but has been seen through cultural evolution and social development.

Jumping to the industrial revolution, there were many advancements in mining, transport, textile manufacturing and metallurgy. This was the time the steam engine was invented that allowed for increase in transportation in Britain. This was the beginning of the entire transportation revolution that aided us to advance in the 2nd industrial revolution in the 19th century. Steamboats and railways were created based on the original concept of the steam engine. Mass production in everyday use products such as shoes and bicycles where also being developed.

Hoping most avid readers of today paid attention in history class; the advancements in technology in the 20th century obviously lead the way to where we are today. Something as simple as the telephone back then could be looked at and marveled like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat. Nuclear and space technologies came into existence that gave people emotions of anger and excitement. Even transportation technology advanced in introducing airplanes for military and commercial use. Also, do you really believe you can live life without your TV? Well, when TV was first introduced, there weren’t exactly a lot of options of channels.

Moving right along to the 21st century, we have seen rapid advancements in cellular, networking, and computer technologies. We have Smart phones that take advantage of Broadband Internet access that allows accessing data from anywhere in the world, mind you if your service provider has a decent signal. We have even begun to dabble with quantum computing, bioengineering and even nanotechnology. All of these innovations of today will skyrocket us toward a better tomorrow.

Imagine playing video games online and being able to play with 10,000s of people simultaneously. IBM’s grid technology is on the way for allowing this happen by basically reinventing what we know as the Internet into something far more superior. The demand for data storage has also increased. Look at large social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. They have massive data centers filled with servers to store your information that you and your friends can access on the fly.

These advancements are being taken advantage by corporations as well. Smart investors look to see which companies are making bold strides where new technologies can be utilized for profit. Company IT infrastructures in how computer networking is delegated is also exceeding many technology expectations at a very fast rate. IPv4 upgrading to IPv6 is an example in how the future of computer networking is changing. This Internet protocol alone will change the way networking equipment is designed to handle the increased demands of routing and communicating with other computer networks around the world.

Networking security also has its fair share of advancements. Malicious pieces of software known as computer viruses arose; jeopardizing our sensitive data including our identity and bank accounts. Trojans, worms and malware flood the Internet seeking that unsuspecting visitor to invade their PC. Technology advancements with anti-virus applications and software firewalls help disinfect intrusions and prevent these little buggers from doing damage. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Governments must also keep out other countries of sensitive data. Would you really want another country to figure out how to control all traffic lights in a high-crowded metropolitan area? Probably not.

In conclusion, technology is always changing. Typically, it is for the betterment of mankind. Whether for advancements in communications or a different area, we will prolong our place on this planet by continuing to make the world a better place.