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Schizophrenic Cancer of the Mind As a Mathematical Virus

Schizophrenic Cancer of the Mind As a Mathematical Virus

In the 21st Century, the concept of peace has shown that United Nations conflict resolution theories are unable to halt a repetition of last century’s horrific cruelties, once again being inflicted upon helpless citizens. The encirclement of vast numbers of families dying of starvation, when food cannot be delivered to them due to tribal passions of war, reflects the brutal survival of the fittest mindset, prevailing during the Nazi holocaust. The long term acceptance of this situation engenders a general feeling that the culling of over-population concept, is an inevitable unfortunate scientific fact of life. United Nation’s conflict resolution cannot be sustainable until this science of death concept is rationally debatable and can be shown to be based upon illogical mathematical science. The resulting quantum biology omni-science solutions for world peace, can then become visible.

Some people feel compelled to knowingly accelerate chaos by putting mathematical viruses into computers. Prevailing science is compelled to do the exactly the same thing, but on a far greater magnitude. Modern science is governed by the entropic conviction that the ultimate objective of a finite universe is the extinction of all life. This mindset is psychologically entrenched. The majority of eminent entropic-minded scientists, instantly display emotional aggression to it being scientifically challenged.

Modern science is erroneously convinced that Isaac Newton’s world-view depicted the universe as a great finite clockwork machine. This imaginary universal machine, driven by universal heat, must eventually stop working when all of its heat is lost to cold space, bringing about the extinction of all life. That law, known as the second law of thermodynamics is the law governing all heat engines. Einstein called it the premier law of all the sciences and it became the basis of 20th Century quantum mechanics. However, people are not steam engines because they emote to energies that entangle with mechanical energies in order to evolve consciousness. The 1937 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent-Gyorgyi, wrote, that failure to understand this was associated with a mental cancer, belonging to scientists whom he called ‘crazy apes’.

Charles Darwin’s survival of the fittest theories were based upon this steam engine law, a concept derived from the economic theories of the Director of the East India Company, Thomas Malthus. The resultant global economic rationalism now prints vast amounts of imaginary money given the property of movement throughout the planet. This imaginary concept, associated with an emotional worship of international stock-market logic, can be shown to be a obsessive schizophrenic phenomenon, compatible with the persistent imaginary concept about Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of gravitation.

A very obvious and very serious problem emerges. Isaac Newton most certainly did not consider that the universe was finite. His infinite universe was based upon ancient Greek mathematical logic that we now refer to infinite fractal logic and he used that logic to describe gravitational force as a non-mechanical force evolving emotional consciousness. This is stated clearly in his 28th Query Discussions. Even if Newton was wrong, western scientific, political, and economic culture has been constructed upon a world-view that believed the very opposite was factual, constituting a fundamentally imaginary world of science. The idea of gravitation forces being responsible for the evolution of emotion is inconceivable within prevailing science. However, modern science science was developed upon an imaginary scientific assumption that is continually brining into existence, doomsday weapons of war.

The intense emotion hostility by scientists to even consider the balancing of their science, bought about an attempt to prevent the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia from being awarded its Government Approved Research Status in 1975. The Centre’s mathematical lifw-energy theories, in that year, had been reprinted by the world’s largest technological research institute, as one of the great optical mathematical discoveries of that century. The Australian university’s argument was so vitriolic and ignorant that it had to be overturned by the Federal Minister for Science, Simon Crean, as incompetent. Even after Harvard University, in 2002, explained why the Centre’s discoveries were invisible to English speaking scientists, the hostility has continued unabated.

The schizophrenic element, is that 21st Century quantum biology, using nano-technology, demonstrated that the molecule of emotion does employ infinite fractal logic in order to evolve as Newton had predicted. Modern science, prohibiting this fact, has been systematically programmed to live in an unreal world, in which all life must become extinct. This carcinogenic mathematical obsession with destructive thermodynamic energies, dominating 20th Century quantum mechanics, is now a serious mental health issue.

Attempts to scientifically discuss the idea of a mathematical virus in the mind preventing humans from emoting to infinity, has long been impossible. Georg Cantor, 1845-1918, history’s most famous mathematician, is also history’s most vilified one. He has been condemned for insisting that a mathematically induced ‘myopic fear of infinity’ came to inhabit the scientific mind. As long as the living process cannot be linked to infinite fractal logic, then the United Nations remains unable to organise biologically rational conflict resolution discussions. In the light of 21st Century quantum biology using nanotechnology to unlock the secrets of the workings of the molecule of emotion, Cantor’s mathematical virus can be shown to be a deadly form of schitzophrenic cancer of the mind.

In the 21st Century, Shannon entropic information cancer research energy has been shown to exist alongside the entropic energies, belonging to the entropic heat death law. In quantum biology, the two energies entangle to provide information to guide evolutionary purpose. This issue warrants critical discussion beyond the limited logic of mainstream imaginary scientific logic, which demands human extinction. If this issue is not rectied then carbon life forms will become extinct long befory the imaginary universal heat death event. Cantor’s cancerous mathematical virus is now entering a far worse malignant state of existence than primitive 21st Century atomic warfare represented.

Global economic rationalism is now actively promoting the acceleration of unbalanced entropic nanotechnology research and development. Invisible atomic weaponry, giving a nano-bot the ability to follow its prime directive to bring life forms to extinction, is now becoming feasible. The British Astronomer Royal, Sir Martin Rees, warned that civilisation during the21st Century has a 50% chance of being destroyed within a few days by a mutating self replicating nanobot, eating out the biosphere. Rather than mutating, these nanobots could simply evolve in accordance to the carcinogenic, prime directive logic, that we have programmed into artificial intelligence. The molecule of emotion does not obey the universal heat death law. The trauma of continual cerebral conflict in the mind attempting to intuitively utilise infinite fractal logic, in defiance of prevailing entropic science, is carcinogenic. This is nature of Cantor’s mathematical virus inhabiting the human mind.

Mathematical mindsets within ancient civilisations are associated with what Einstein called mythological mathematical-intuition. The 1957 New York University Library of Science, published the book, Babylonian Myth and Modern Science, in which Einstein derived his theory of relativity from Babylonian mechanistic mathematics. This gave birth to the warlike equation E=Mc squared. The mythology in this case was associated with the worship of Ishtar, the Goddess of prostitution and war. In ancient Egypt however, mathematics belonging to the Maat, the Goddess of mercy, justice and compassion was not based upon a mechanical word-view but one to prevent civilisation from returning to the very situation that E=Mc squared represents.

The ancient Egyptians fused their mathematical mind-set into the political law that Pythagoras went to Egypt to study. That knowledge helped toward the invention of political science by scholars enacting out the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy in the 3rd Century BC. The rebirth of that mathermatical science in quantum biology, is now internationally known as the 21st Century Renaissance.

© Professor Robert Pope.