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Learning About What Cloud Computing Really Is

Learning About What Cloud Computing Really Is

You will find there are terms tagged on to processes when it comes to the computer age. The term cloud computing is simply using your computer for the Internet while accessing the shared resources that are available on demand. When you think of the cloud, you are putting a picture to the Internet as a whole. The major creators and suppliers of this cloud include such popular and well-known names as IBM, HP, Google, and Microsoft to name a few. There are basically four different types of clouds that are accessible.

The four types of clouds included in cloud computing include the Private Cloud, the Public Cloud, the Community Cloud, and the Hybrid Cloud. The Private Cloud refers to telecommunication companies having service’s control over their Internet that they supply. They are able to monitor all the data and communication that goes on between the host company or internal provider and the user. They are able to do this rather right or wrong. There are many privacy advocates that are trying to get this part of the Internet changed. The Public Cloud refers to all the services, applications, and information that you can find on the Internet through a do-it-yourself basis.

These public clouds are supplied by public providers. All of this cloud computing is shared by third-party providers who work together taking care of the bills and resources. The Hybrid Cloud refers to public and private providers working together. This integration of clouds helps the users to have ease when switching from their private network to a public network. The Community Cloud refers to an Internet infrastructure created by several organizations that have the same interests when it comes to Internet resources and information. This type of cloud may be a bit more expensive but allows the users more control and privacy.

With cloud computing, users as well as providers, have a way of customizing their Internet in order to save money, save privacy, and all around, save time. These are the types of models that are used in all aspects of the Internet today. The layers that you will find within clouds include the client, the application, the platform, the infrastructure, and the server. All these levels work together to create the specified cloud that is needed. You will also find key features with these infrastructures which include agility, cost, device, reliability, scalability, security, maintenance, and metering. These are very important to the success of the specified cloud.