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Home Automation: Elevate Your Experience With Life

Home Automation: Elevate Your Experience With Life

Automation is the new technology trend these days. People have embraced technology in their day to day life to make the lifestyle faster, easier and more convenient. It is no more about controlling multiple appliances from a central location or remote access of the lights and appliances. Home automation technology is the new-age switch for all who want to enhance their experience of everyday life and deploy technology for an increased level of security and safety in their homes.

With intuitive intelligence and advanced smart home products, technology empowers the homes to do a lot of things at a single touch. With lighting control, temperature adjustment, remote access to appliances, energy conservation and advanced security features, home automation is the smartest thing to opt for today’s. Read on for control automation features that can transform your daily life to a smarter living.

1. Automation, mood lighting and remote access

Let technology change your space to a smart hub. With seamless and intuitive control, you can manage and control all lights and electrical appliances in your home. With a single touch, switch on and off your appliances from your smartphone or tablet. Yes, this is not a scene from a sci-fi movie. Through the easy-to-operate web interface, you can do all these and more.

Set themes for special events with the unique mood lighting feature of home automation – romantic dinners, birthday parties or movie nights. Let your favorite music play along automatically as you enjoy with your family and friends.

With remote access, control lights and temperature of your home even before you reach there. If you are on a holiday, switch on and off the lights at specified times of the day to make your home look occupied.

2. Entertainment gets re-defined

With the media and entertainment unit control, you can do everything from automating your home theater to organizing media libraries. The intelligent control automation technology takes entertainment to the next level as you can do anything and everything – recording your favorite program from a remote location, control music/videos in multiple rooms etc.

3. Reduced carbon footprint with energy savings

With home automation, you can save and conserve a lot of energy in your day-to-day life. This way, you not only bring your energy bills down, but also make a significant mark with energy savings and reducing the carbon footprint. With the energy consumption analytics, you can find out which appliance is causing your energy bill to shoot up and re-organize your energy consumption pattern. With pre-defined home lighting schedules, adjust room temperature (heating/cooling) depending on the time of the day and the season. This will optimize your experience while minimizing the energy costs.

4. Take your home security to the next level

With the new-age safety and security system featuring fire alert, intruder alert, water/gas leakage alert, elevate the level of security and safety to safeguard your loved ones. With automated door locks, security cameras, sensors and entrance management system, your home is armed against all odds.

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