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Cancer, Compassion and Gravitational Force – An Open Address to the United Nations Secretariat

Cancer, Compassion and Gravitational Force – An Open Address to the United Nations Secretariat

Professional medical science has produced compassionate discoveries, these types of as furnishing anaesthetics to banish the soreness of medical procedures. Essential new discoveries now exist for the betterment of the human condition. At the same time, tens of millions of individuals are fleeing spiritual terrorism through the environment. As this considerations human health and fitness, the challenge arrives beneath the auspices of a professional medical science. Even so, these a science simply cannot address this challenge right up until it is ready to handle a new recognition about the psychological character of human mathematical intent. Prevailing western science has pushed civilisation to turn out to be obsessed with a pathological factor of mathematical considered. But it can now be shown that the intellect embraces two aspects of mathematical believed, 1 compassionate and the other wholly carcinogenic, specifically related to the trauma of cancerous advancement and development. Quantum entanglement to manual optimum evolutionary consciousness is about the biological information and facts energies interacting with the energies of chaos, as proposed by the 1939 Nobel Laureate in Medication, Svent-Giorgyi.

In his second guide about his theory of evolution entitled ‘The Ascent of Man’, Charles Darwin mentioned that the existence of human compassion was pronounced. So a lot so that inside of placid societies compassion may be linked with the destiny of human evolution. Darwin, like most other students, educated inside the realms of western science, was completely unaware that Isaac Newton had printed his theory that gravity triggered the evolution of emotional common consciousness. This is an infallible argument. It is confirmed in Newton’s 28th Question Discussions released inside his English language 2nd version of Opticks. Newton derived this idea from the historical Greek science that associated gravitational power with a common demiurge to solid lifestyle power into the cosmic egg.

This notion was taken from historic Egyptian theories of creation, in which atomic mathematical purpose belonged to the ethical performing of an infinite dwelling universe. Compassion was a crucial behavioural strategy, which, in the 2nd Kingdom, was fused with political regulation. The Greek geometer, Thales, and the mathematician, Pythagoras, analyzed Egyptian moral political mathematics in Thebes, and their get the job done led to the creation of moral science in Third Century BC Greece.

Compassion is now central to the science of quantum biology as an infinite fractal logic governing the evolution of psychological consciousness, and it can now be described in new scientific terms. The quantum physics of nanotechnology has been made use of to analyze the attributes of Dr Candace Pert’s discovery of the molecule of emotion. This molecule regularly updates the health and fitness of mobile evolution in get for the DNA of new born young children to evolve, to superior cope with their generational environmental improvements. This compassionate function impacts the long run of the human species, not identifiable with earlier primitive, violent animal behaviour of immature sexual emotion. Darwin noticed this animalistic conduct as ensuring the survival of the fittest, nevertheless, just about all past everyday living on Earth has turn into extinct. The compassionate human survival principle demands to be critically examined scientifically, as it relates human evolution inside of a multidimensional universe. Nonetheless, the useful functionality to do this is outside of the scientific expertise of those people who can only define common compassion in conditions of yesterday’s religious separatist convictions. In times long gone by this kind of quantum evolutionary leaps resulted in hatred, worry, and unimaginable psychotic violence, as history has clearly recorded.

In 1969 the American Psychological Association in Washington explored the concept of an evolving consciousness, inspiring Julian Jaynes to create his controversial guide ‘The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind’, revealed in 1979. Jaynes argued in his ebook that a bicameral mentality – a separation involving the rational and the intuitive aesthetic intellect – was a usual state of human mentality only 3000 a long time ago. For the duration of the 21st Century, appraisals of his e-book by neurological researchers have given sustainable organic credence to his theories about the human evolutionary approach.

Julian Jaynes wrote about the early evolutionary system involved with the linking of both equally cognitive factors of the human thoughts. Placid peoples residing in Mesopotamia remembered the family members direction of deceased eminent elders as voices in their head, contemplating them to be the voices of caring gods. In other tribes, which experienced invented this kind of things as arithmetic and cuneiform creating, men and women began to reduce this comforting, benign sort of schizophrenia and produced idols to substitute the primitive consciousness. Priests, claiming to know the will of these types of idols, forged scorn on the placid natured peoples and generated a fanatical hatred of them.

Anatolian refugees, in search of freedom from invasion, were so popular in 1200 BC that the wide Hittite empire collapsed. The most impressive king of central Assyria, Tiglath- Pileser I, impaled hundreds of passive people, as well as enslaving many refugees, sentencing them to governmental insurance policies of the cruellest mother nature conceivable. The King had photos engraved depicting this horrific loss of life by sluggish torture of non-violent persons. Furthermore in 1600, Giordano Bruno was imprisoned, tortured and then burnt alive by the Roman Catholic Church in Rome for educating about the historical misplaced Greek gravitational notion at Oxford College. Newton endured a mental breakdown following being equally threatened by the church in England, following daring to publish about this lost Greek gravitational concept.

The only mathematical logic that supports Newton’s gravitational thought of evolving emotion is infinite fractal logic. In this working day and age it can be thought of a criminal offense in opposition to humanity for our prevailing scientific tradition to proceed to deny that infinite logic can be linked to the living course of action. It is no for a longer time appropriate that science should really keep on to outline compassion in terms ruled by a physics regulation demanding the eventual destruction of all lifestyle in the universe. Albert Einstein’s genius can now be immortalised past the limitations of this ‘universal heat demise law’ that he incorrectly regarded as was the leading law of all of the sciences.

Some scientists are now beginning to realise that as science evolves, it ought to embrace the energies of compassionate evolution, in buy for civilisation to avoid extinction. The original pagan Platonic Greek science was committed specially to prevent this sort of extinction, which was mathematically joined to its definition of final chaos remaining a home of unformed issue in just the physical atom. Despite the fact that it is usual for some species of animal to battle to the death to receive opportunity to mate, this does not assure infinite evolution. It is now needed for humanity to free alone from what can be explained as a primitive religious mindset forcing it to worship the terrible, ancient gods of damaging chaos.

The best possible seashell advancement and advancement as a result of space-time has been measured to utilise an invisible mechanical drive that prevailing science has no overall being familiar with about. This understanding demands to turn into typical logic inside a health care science as quickly as doable. Deeply held mounted spiritual feelings, threatened by the evolutionary system redefining the notion of spiritual reality, are very volatile. Violent reactions will only disappear when the new omni-technology is capable of furnishing noticeable genuine gains to the entire world wide human affliction. Different tribes on earth are now remaining compelled by the thousands and thousands to intermingle with world wide humanity, bringing about unsustainable dwelling situations since of spiritual indifference toward any omni-science and technological innovation that could effortlessly cope with that circumstance. The complete world-wide financial technique proceeds to market enslavement to worldwide debt, primarily based on the prevailing warmth death law logic that has sentenced humanity to extinction.

Very last century, in order to decry the philosophy of the nazi 3rd Reich and that of vacant religious dogma, the Nobel Laureate mathematician, Lord Bertrand Russell, pointed out that they have been the two generally meaningless, and a more loving social procedure really should arise to switch them. Russell’s most well known essay was entitled ‘A Freeman’s Worship’, and advocated that Einstein’s premier regulation of all science, the common warmth demise law, have to be the basis of social properly-currently being. Nonetheless, this concept unintentionally continues to be a cult of demise. Russell’s pleasure seeking philosophy manufactured him Britain’s most foremost advocate of the cult of free like, ensuing in the specifically sordid outcome of 3 collapsed marriages.

Babylonian society emerged as a materialistic culture, in which priests used their finite mathematical know-how to forecast eclipses in purchase to be capable to terrorise the populace. Egyptian lifestyle on the other hand designed an infinite atomic mathematics, which later became the foundation for Platonic moral federal government idea in Greece.

Throughout the 1800s America’s winner of democracy, Ralph Waldo Emerson, employed infinite Sanskrit mathematical logic, which allowed evolution to be an infinite biological method, to issue out that the American lifestyle had inherited the Babylonian mechanical ethos to plunge the men and women into financial slavery. The principle of American democratic liberty taken from a minimal comprehending of historic Greek political philosophy was declared by Alexander Hamilton, in the course of the formation of the Constitution of the United States of The us to be based upon the bogus assumption that Newton’s theory of gravity was about the workings of a mechanical universe.

Aristotle envisaged a science to guideline ennobling authorities for the well being of the universe in purchase that civilisation would not be ruined. That health-related science, primarily based upon compassionate mathematics, depicts a new kind of most cancers exploration, in which clinical scientists are capable to embrace the strategy of mathematical infinity. Georg Cantor, considered to be history’s best mathematician, referred to Aristotle’s idea as the which means of ‘the pursuit of happiness’ pointed out in the Constitution of the United States of The us. Cantor wrote that the denial of this mathematical principle was a myopic dread of infinity inhabiting the contemporary scientific head.