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Best App Development Trends Android App Developers Must Know In 2021

Best App Development Trends Android App Developers Must Know In 2021

The Android application development market is getting more competitive with most of the businesses going for it and with thousands of applications getting released on it every single day. The android application development market is now empowered by technologies like the Internet of Things, 5G technology, and more. The demand for Android app developers is also more now. iOS or the other platforms. As per Statista,

  • There are more than 3 billion smartphone users across the world.
  • More than 1.6 billion smartphone users use Android devices now.
  • Android holds 85 percent of the app market.
  • And the Google Play Store has more than 3 million applications serving the users in different ways.

The demand for Android applications is much more as compared to the other platforms and Operating Systems because of the ease of using the platform and its user-friendly features. When it comes to app development, both developers and business merchants prefer to go with Android first. However, with this increasing demand for the platform and with the huge count of applications, it is crucial for the developers to get familiar with the latest tools and trends for building these applications. And here is the article listing out the top 3 Android app development trends in 2021.

Top 3 Android app development trends ruling the market in 2021.

Android Instant Apps:

With the Google Play Instant, the users of Android devices can just tap and try out the applications completely skipping the app installation process. These Android Instant applications do not need to be downloaded or installed. These are as simple to use as web apps or websites and can be operated directly from the cloud. As a result these applications also do not take up any extra space on the device. Even the app developers can easily and quickly convert the applications to Instant apps using the Android app bundle tool. This also saves a lot of time for the developers and makes the process effortless.

Blockchain technology:

This technology or trend is now creating a buzz across several industries. And it is considered as one of the top app development trends in 2021. It is also expected that the blockchain application market will increase to nearly USD 20 billion within 2024.

Decentralised application development, which is secure and offers complete transparency is what the developers are now aiming for with this technology. Smart and contract-based applications help with safe and secure online payments and transactions and this makes the technology ideal for finance, retail, education, eCommerce and several other sectors.

Android Jetpack:

As per the official Android platform, Jetpack is actually the complete suite of libraries that make Android application development easier and faster for developers. The availability of these libraries and using this trend can ensure reduced coding or programming. Moreover, these libraries can consistently work with all Android devices. This Jetpack with all its libraries also ensures high-quality applications for the platform.

Apart from these top 3, there are some more that are quite predominant in the market now like M-Commerce, AR and VR, Wearable devices, AI and ML integration, IoT, 5G, and Chatbots that can be used for building applications for Android.

While these trends continue to emerge in the market, it is essential to stay updated and get familiar with the latest ones and leverage the opportunities and technological advancements. This ensures to build of modern and advanced apps every time with every business requirement.