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Are You Using All Your Gifts?

Are You Using All Your Gifts?

You have so many natural, gifts and abilities waiting to be used right now. Are you aware of these gifts and more importantly are you using them to your advantage?

What are Your Gifts

  • Ability to dream about possibility
  • A very fertile and creative imagination
  • The ability to look into the future and visualise what it will be like when you are there
  • Reticular Activating System (RAS) or extrathalamic control modulatory system. Inbuilt Google search engine.
  • Create new ideas and think new thoughts
  • Power to create any future you desire.
  • Connection to the quantum field of possibility.

Wow what an array of wonderful gifts we all have at our disposal. All of which, with the exception of the basic functions served by the (RAS) where in addition to being our internal Google search engine, it also helps us with arousal and the transitions between sleep and wakefulness, serve no purpose relating to our basic survival needs at all. So if all the above gifts are not there to help us to eat, procreate or to avoid danger, then what other purpose could these gifts, which no other mammal on this planet possesses, serve?

Your gifts – make you a creator

These gifts have been given to you, so that you can live according to your higher spiritual energy or higher self. You are most certainly a spiritual being, who is experiencing a fleeting physical experience on this planet. These incredible gifts as I have described above, are all the evidence I need to completely believe, that we are more than the fragile human bodies we inhabit, during this fleeting physical experience. We are spiritual beings, consisting of the purest form of energy. As you know energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another. So all we do is move from one form of energy to another as we travel through the infinite quantum field.

Who are you Really?

That is a really profound question. If you are what you do for a living, then what are you when you don’t do that for a living? What are you really? Yes we live a fleeting physical experience on this planet, where I defy you to find the intelligence, spirit or energy, which lives inside or for want of a better word the captain at the helm of our body. I believe that you are a spiritual being, consisting of the purest form of creative energy and that we are all part of the quantum field of possibility.

If you take a bucket of water out of the Pacific Ocean, then what you have in the bucket is a small piece of the ocean. I see the way we interact as spiritual beings of pure energy, in the same way. We are all small buckets of the quantum field of pure creative energy and we flow in and out of the quantum field at will. Just as throwing the bucket of Pacific Ocean back into the ocean, joins the contents of the bucket with the ocean, so too can we join the quantum field too.

Your gifts connect you to the quantum field

We bring these incredible gifts as described above with us into this physical experience, to help us continue to be the creative energy; we always have been and always will be. We are not the body we inhabit; we are spirit, which consists of pure creative energy. It is for this reason that I believe that, If you do not use all the gifts you possess. You are working against the essence of what you are and have always been. You are a creator; with all the gifts you need at your disposal right now, to continue to be one. Stop wasting your incredible natural gifts for a moment longer and dare to bring all the wonderful creative power you possess to life.

What perceptions do you hold about yourself?

The perceptions you hold about self and the images you have about who and what you are, determine the scope and type of person you are. I believe that the images you hold in your conscious and super conscious mind are the mechanisms, which control the way your future will turn out. Your autonomic responses are responsible for controlling your heart beat, breathing etc. but they are also responsible for storing your conditioned responses, habits, conditioned reflexes (repeated skills or images). This autonomic system can be compared to your internal automatic pilot or navigation system.

How is your automatic pilot configured? Is it working as a creator of your future, where you have a crystal clear image of what you have dreamed about, is it guided by a clear plan and goals, which have programmed your Google search engine, telling it exactly what to be on the lookout for and is it driving the right daily success habits, to help you achieve the dream you hold about the future? If it is not, you are wasting all your natural ability and wasting all those wonderful gifts, which you brought with you, to help you during this fleeting physical experience.

How have you programmed “Automatic Pilot”?

We have designed incredible guidance systems, which can search out targets thousands of kilometres away. These sophisticated electronic systems are installed in missiles, torpedoes and spacecraft, which can guide these craft to their desired destination with pin point accuracy. The electronic guidance system makes every small pin point correction necessary, to ensure that the craft reaches its exact destination. If the same missile was fired without a proper guidance system, there is a very small chance that it would reach its destination thousands of kilometres away. The same is true for your goals. If you haphazardly tackle your day, every day, there is at best, a remote chance that you will achieve your goals.

Program your automatic pilot properly by clarifying your vision, building a blue print for success, with pin point detail describing the daily action you need to take and you too will eventually reach your destination or goals in the future. When you set a goal and build an action plan, which you act on daily, you create a self-motivated system or said differently you program your automatic pilot to travel the path it needs to travel to achieve your dreams. This automatic pilot is negatively affected by negative self-talk and positively programmed by positive self-talk and positive environmental feedback. When your automatic pilot is programmed properly, it will self-adjust and assist you to make every decision you need to make to succeed.

Understanding the Brain Research

Some research I have studied recently suggests that the brain can function like a holographic projector. Using laser beams to project and re-assemble three dimensional images, about future possibilities. It is this incredible ability to create images about the future and your ability to visualise yourself as part of those vivid images, which give you access to the incredible power of your creative imagination.

Scientists confirm that your nervous system cannot tell the difference between an actual experience and one, which is imagined vividly, emotionally and in perfect detail, about future events which have not yet occurred. You are currently programming your automatic pilot, self-image, creative imagination and reticular activating system to either work for you or against you.

Use your Gifts

It is time that you make better choices about how you use these systems and your whole life will immediately change. Your mind is striving to achieve the objectives you set, whether they are positive or negative, true or false, safe or dangerous. Your mind does not evaluate your objectives; it just acts automatically to achieve the objectives you present to it. Your brain acts like a CPU on a computer, its sole function is to follow the instructions from the spiritual energy or the captain inside implicitly, without analysis or evaluation at all.

You are a creator, who possesses incredible gifts. Stop wasting all of them for even a moment longer and become the possibility you have dreamed about in your future.