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5 Tools Everyone in The Virtual Assistant Work Industry Should Be Using

5 Tools Everyone in The Virtual Assistant Work Industry Should Be Using

In the virtual assistant work industry, some tools will make the work fast. Tools are useful for every task, will be collaborating with others, with the team members or even with clients. Devices that are essential to increase productivity and be more efficient.

Knowing what tools to use in every need and how to manage these makes a difference for every task or project. Here is the list of devices that anyone can use:

G Suite
G Suite or Google Suite, or formerly known as Google Apps, has a wide variety of applications that anyone can use. These can work seamlessly from the computer, phone or tablet. It just needs one Google account, and all forms can be accessed.
– Gmail is a useful tool for managing emails and business communication. It is usually used by virtual workers to connect formally with one another.
– Saving files in the computer does not allow anyone to share to someone from outside your environment. Hence, Google has created a cloud or online storage to keep your data and share with other people. These are what they call Google Drive. All data can be saved, from documents, images, spreadsheets, etc.
– Google has made time management and scheduling calendar more accessible, and here is Google Calendar which can also be shared with the team and collaborate with others around the globe.

Google has made a lot of effort in creating these apps which will help not only individuals but also for businesses. So, why not make use of these apps and these will make a virtual assistant’s work efficient.

Nothing beats Skype for online meetings and conference calls. Skype allows the user to communicate both instant message and voice chat. Voice chat allows telephone calls between users and makes use to see a client or team members, share screens, and exchange messages. These calls can also record if you want to have a copy of it.

Skype is a useful tool for communication.

Snagit is a screenshot program that captures video display and audio output. It makes it possible to easily and quickly share what people can see that trying to describe it in email or chat message. It has a lot of annotation tools to highlight details and focus attention on specific items quickly. It can also upload to a screencast with just a click which automatically copies the link to the clipboard by just pasting the link into an email and sent it to other people.
Snagit is a useful tool in sharing what others cannot see.

Canva is a free graphic-design tool website which is easy to use. With a drag and drop interface, users can quickly create Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest covers. The tool provides access to over a million photographs, graphics and font styles. Canva is use by non-designers as well as professionals. This device can also apply for both web and print media designs and graphics.

One way get traffic on social media platforms is to share some thoughts or posting photos or videos with captions. The Buffer is a tool to share posts the smarter move. By creating a posting schedule, selecting the best time zone, and customizing the days and times the position, it will automatically be visible on social media platforms. Just by dropping and clicking the settings, Buffer will take care of it all.

In a virtual assistant work industry, there are a lot of tools that anyone can use. Be for email, cloud storage, or just graphics designing. Will just keep in mind that learning these things is not in a prompt manner but takes time to get used to it. Thus, those who would want to learn should be willing to learn.