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4 Great Work at Home Ideas

4 Great Work at Home Ideas

Nowadays a lot of people are looking to the internet for ideas on how to make extra money from their own homes. This could be because of the rising cost of living. Also, many people have been retrenched. The good news is that it is possible to find and do the the right part time online job from home.

The trick in order to become successful is to find the right opportunity amongst the many make money opportunities that are available on the net. I will explain a few great online income earners and show you how to find and do them successfully.

Part Time Jobs – Freelancing

By definition, freelancing involves individuals who are not working for just one company but for a variety of companies. This also applies to people seeking to do work at home part time jobs online. Working via freelancing means more money is made as a person undertakes various job assignments. All that you have to consider is the time you have available to dedicate to these online work projects.

Although freelancing is a great way to earn money online, your success will naturally depend on the type of skills you possess. Certain freelancing work programs involve very specific skills like bookkeeping, programming, etc whilst others require more basic skills levels like answering the phone, entering data, etc.

In order to progress to freelancing as a way to earn income every day, you will first need to decide what skills you have that might be beneficial to prospective employers. Do you have a certain skill or set of skills that you are excellent at? What tasks can you perform adequately? Do you possess any special training that you can put to use?

Once you have proper positive answers to these questions and are able to provide yourself with a genuine skills assessment, then you now need to search for online jobs on the internet with your defined skills in mind. The internet is abound with literally hundreds of websites whose primary purpose is to put together freelancers with project providers. All you need do is use the proper search terms in your favorite search engine, peruse sites that come up and make contact with project providers whose work you feel you can handle.


A blog is actually a website where the blog writer (blogger) writes content on either a specific or a variety of topics. Visitors who have similar interests visit the blog regularly to read the content, leave comments, be updated on current news, etc. Just about anyone can start up a blog and become bloggers and the best thing about this is that it can be done for free. Huge blog platforms offer people the opportunity to open free blogs which can normally be started in a few minutes.

The best way to approach this is to blog about a specific niche or interest. If your blog is fresh, regularly updated and has great unique content, then search engines will rank it higher and you get more visitors.

As soon as you have established yourself in a specific niche and your blog becomes busy, you can now start to make money from it. One effective way is to put up text or banner ads for other sites and charge them a monthly fee. Alternatively you can place ads from large ad networks and get a cut of the advertising clicks. Another way is to do affiliate marketing by putting up product write-ups and reviews and inserting your affiliate link.

Ecommerce Sites

Ecommerce sites account for millions of dollars of sales that take place on the net every single day. Ecommerce is a very big topic and as such cannot be explained completely in just one short article. However, I will provide you with a brief summary on how you can profit with an ecommerce site.

Ecommerce stands for electronic commerce and it involves commerce being conducted by electronic means ie. through the internet. In this instance, products and services are offered for sale on the internet and the purchase of these products or services also take place on the internet as well. Examples of products could be ebooks, cds, dvds, tvs, etc. Examples of services could be advertising, hosting, etc.

Your first step would be to decide what product or service you will offer and whether these will sell and are suitable to be sold efficiently through the internet. Your next step will be to secure an appropriate domain name, take up hosting and then build a website displaying your product/service thereby making your offer. As the buy and sell process takes place electronically, you will need some sort of electronic payment option like credit card acceptance. For this, you will need a merchant account or link up with a third party payment processor. You will also need to establish effective delivery of your product or service to the customer. For instance, will it be delivered electronically or will you have to ship it to the customer?

In order to get prospective shoppers to your site, you will have to do some internet marketing. You may use paid methods like pay-per-click advertising and banner ads or you can choose a free method like SEO or article marketing, word of mouth, etc.

Earning With Photography

Online earning with photography is becoming very popular as it is easy to do and pays quite well. No, you do not need to be an expert to make money from this online opportunity – you just need to be able to take decent pictures. This income opportunity works like this: Many web designers, software developers, print and electronic publishers are constantly needing images to use in their product. A large number of images websites have cropped up catering for this need. These websites list images from freelance photographers. If an image is chosen to be used, the user will have to pay a once-off royalty fee. This fee is then split between the images website and the photographer.

To start off, visit these images websites (search for them on your favorite search engine) and see what images are popular – these sites normally list how many downloads each image has had. The more downloads, the more popular an image is. Now, take pics very similar or even better that the popular listed ones. Register with these images websites and upload your images. If somebody chooses your image and downloads it, you get a commission.

I hope my little article has been interesting and beneficial to you. Maybe I have helped make things a little clearer for you and provided you with a starting point on making money online.